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Kolar Systems International, founded in 1981, is dedicated to providing to our customers the highest quality products available that will organize their computer environments by putting more computer equipment in less space, while including the necessary ergonomic features to make the users of our systems more productive and comfortable. Our modular network control centers, computer suspension systems, and computer switches are designed to be used from the Information Systems Department to the manufacturing floor or wherever computers are needed.

Kolar Systems International is an international company that provides its products and services to entities with as few as 3-4 computers as well as to the largest Corporations in the world where we have provided solutions for labs with hundreds of computers in multiple locations. We believe that our large and impressive customer base demonstrates that we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best solutions to organize your computer environments, at a professional level of service your organization deserves.

While there are many manufactures of computer furniture, cabinets, and switches, Kolar is a Distributor and Factory Representative of products from such quality manufacturers as Ergotron Inc., Cybex Computer Products Corp., Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Inc., Infra-Structures Inc., and other specialty manufacturers which enable us to provide you with alternative solutions for your needs, without spending your time researching the market.

Our customers tell us that the very existence of their business now depends on their computer networks. Yet the typical LAN Room or Network Lab has state-of-the-art, high tech equipment sitting precariously on top of old-fashioned , creaking tables and on the floor. Their computer staff is challenged to keep the network running amid a clutter of equipment and a knot of wires and cables. In most of our solutions we can re-organize this valuable equipment in only 1/3 of the floor space previously used by placing it on modular systems made of steel for maximum strength. All of the computers are easily accessible and the systems can be expanded if and when more computers are added. Our patented Cable Management Systems organize the cables and make it easy to make changes. Rack mounting of components and storing of multi-media often is integrated into our systems.

To provide additional space and cost savings, many customers use our keyboard, video and mouse ( KVM) switches to control multiple computers from a single location. Where needed, our Cybex Autoboot Commander 4XP switch allows multiple users to simultaneously control as many as 2160 computers from their individual KVM. We recommend these products to increase user productivity while providing substantial savings in reduced computer components and energy costs.

Kolar is proud of its reputation for providing high quality, customized solutions that enable our customers to use their computers more efficiently and comfortably. We thrive on challenges. To see how our experience and expertise can benefit you, contact Kolar.

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