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CRT Computer Mounting Solutions

  • Provides critical real-time information.
  • Enables managers to make fast accurate decisions.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Reduce Costs

We provide computer organization solutions that bring the computer to the point-of-use without interfering with work in process or exposing the equipment to hazardous influences.

Kolar Systems International can position hardware such as: Personal Computers, Industrial Computers, Operator Interface Panels, Flat Panel Monitors, PC based Controllers, Enclosures, and Bar Code Devices anywhere on the factory floor or warehouse operation.

At the point-of-use the user has the ability to input data, access and adjust devices for personalized viewing and interact with the equipment for the specific job task. The ease at which our products interact and adjust are an excellent solution for multiple shift employees that access the equipment but need different requirements

Planning and designing a CIM facility is more complicated than ordering computer equipment and software. You must also acquire a delivery system that brings the computer to the "point-of-use" without interfering with work in process. Wherever you use computers, Kolar Systems provides the point-of-use accessibility that maximizes CIM investments through greater employee comfort, increased productivity, and efficient use of space.

Kolar Systems International has the experience and qualifications to provide you with a workcenters that will withstand the daily rigors of the most demanding environments.

Kolar Systems International gives you the flexibility to mount your computer system to a wall, floor, machine or ceiling. There are even mobile systems that allow moving a computer workstation from room to room.

CRT Computer Mounting Solutions are broken into four general categories:

Wall Mount Solutions - Floor and Ceiling Mount Solutions - Mobile Solutions - Desk Mounted Solutions

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