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Our family of modular LAN furniture components can be configured and reconfigured to meet your needs. Organizing your network facility means more than storing servers on shelves and stuffing cables into channels. It involves careful planning to optimize floor space and ensure that every component is accessible.

Custom designed LAN furniture will simplify crowded computer rooms and allow you to use your valuable space more efficiently. Now you can eliminate unnecessary keyboards, monitors and mice by controlling your servers from one central KVM console.

If security is an issue, you can locate your equipment in one of our fully secure solid metal frame construction enclosures. The Plexiglas front allows you to view your equipment but you can feel safe by locking the front and ventilated rear doors.

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Equipment Accessibility
Our open architecture and optional casters allow complete access to the front and back. You have access from all sides.

Space Savings
Five width and three height options are available to utilize space efficiently. Our Autoview KVM switch allows multiple servers to be controlled form a single monitor and keyboard.

Quik-Touch Cable Management
For ease of cable routing, nothing compares to the simplicity of Quik-Touch. Made from nonconductive material, each individually hinged section provides maximum access to cables and wires.

Strength and Stability
Our 2" x 4" DuraFrames are fully-welded, not screwed together. This allows each module to easily hold up to 4,500lbs.

Hundreds of interchangeable steel components provide flexibility. As your requirements change, you can easily reconfigure the organizer for your particular needs.

Monitor Suspension
This patented technology takes monitors and keyboards off worksurfaces and shelves. The ability to ergonomically lift, swing, tilt and turn monitors improves operator comfort.

Quik-Touch Cables

Individually hinged sections provide one-touch access for routing and re-routing

Rack Mount Modules

Securely integrate 19" rack-mount equipment; attach easily to 24"W Frames.

Monitor Suspension

Ergonomically position monitors and save worksurface and shelf space.

Keyboard Holders

Choose from a range of Acrylic Risers, adjustable trays and wire holders.

Pull-out Tower Shelves

Configure shelves from 12" to 72" wide. Capable of holding up to 2,750lbs.

Rack Mount Brackets

Integrate 19" rack-mount equipment into any section of Frames.

Media Storage

Systematically organize CD's, diskettes, tapes, manuals and other support materials.

Tilt Shelves

Safely adjust angles to 0 - 5 - 10 - 15 degrees for easy viewing and access.

LAN Racks

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