CRT Computer Mounting Solutions

Innovative computer mounting solutions for wall, floor, ceiling and mobile applications.

Using a broad range of mounting options, the Monitor Suspension Systems allows users to position monitors and computer equipment directly in the work environment. The unique design provides computer organization and placement within any situation.

Kolar gives you the flexibility to mount your computer system to a wall, floor, machine, ceiling or cart.The patented CRT Monitor Arms put your display at the point of need.

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CRT Computer Mounting Solutions are broken into four general categories:

  • Wall Mount Solutions: The slotted Wall Track system is ideal for attaching Monitor Suspension Arms, Keyboard Holders and other components. Once mounted on the vertical surface, the height of equipment can be adjusted to meet your requirements. The Wall Track is a zero footprint solution. Monitor Suspension Arms and Peripherals also can be directly mounted to a vertical surface.
  • Floor & Ceiling Mount Solutions: Kolar System's Command Post brings system components to the point of need with zero or minimum footprint. It bolts directly to floors, ceilings or even sides of machines. Multiple computer components can be attached to the Command Post using one standard mounting interface. Also available, the Ceiling Track system allows the user to move a monitor and CPU across a 63" or 107" horizontal length, using zero floor space.
  • Desktop Solutions: Free up your worksurface while lifting your CRT monitor to a comfortable viewing height using the 10" Lift Monitor Arm. Its universal clamp-mount quickly attaches to most worksurfaces. The Arm will easily lift, swing and rotate your monitor for optimum ergonomic performance. Store your monitor out of the way when not in use.
  • Mobile Solutions: The Mobile WorkCenter and the ErgoCart organize computer equipment into a self-contained workstation that allows for easy system relocation:
    • The Mobile WorkCenter mounts a complete system in a 22" wide by 26" deep configuration. By suspending the monitor, the worksurface is available for other uses. Storage drawers and cabinets create a multipurpose workstation that accommodates both computer equipment and supplies.
    • The ErgoCart was designed to provide an ultra-compact yet sturdy mobile workstation. Select an ErgoCart with a fixed height or with an adjustable pole -- with one touch of your foot you can lift your monitor 10"
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