Computer Network Solutions for
The Health Care Industry

Kolar Systems works toward creating a work environment that addresses ergonomic concerns and increased flexibility.

You can maintain patient contact while easily accessing the information with our adjustable wall mounted work centers. Your monitors, keyboards and CPU's can be attached to almost any wall.

The hospital runs three shifts with hospital staff always rotating, so the ergonomic features of the workstation are important to ensure employee comfort and productivity. Hospitals use both wall mounted and Mobile WorkCenters.

Deliver point-of-care software at the bedside in patient rooms with Computer Mounting Solutions and Flat Panel ARMS solutions from Kolar Systems. The monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals can be mounted to a wall, ceiling, counter, floor, or on a mobile cart.

The introduction of computers and monitors into patient rooms and other healthcare facility areas has created floor space, logistics, and ergonomics problems. We have the solutions, solutions designed specifically for the health care industry.

Save Space

Increase Productivity

Mount to Ceiling, Wall or Counter

Designed for the Health Care Industry

Mobile Solutions

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